What my clients have to say...

"Carrie is incredibly gifted and talented and has a way about her that makes everyone feel connected, listened to and understood. She was a true hero and friend to me when I needed it the most.. Quite honestly I wouldn't of found myself or the courage to find happiness without her!!"
"Carrie and I used to be former colleagues and I have always known her to be a patient, kind, and caring person. I was going through a difficult time debating whether to leave an executive level position in a negative work culture while trying to figure out how to be a provider to my family, a supportive husband to my wife, and the kind of father I want to be to our expected newborn daughter. I am glad I talked to Carrie, as she listened intently and asked me reflective questions to guide me through the process. I am so glad I left that executive level position and realized what is more important in my life. It was a scary decision to leave a well paid job and without Carrie, I would not have had the courage to realize I needed to leave as soon as I did."
"I owed an apology to a colleague for an incident that happened over twenty years ago. The resentment in my heart was eating at me and I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety at the idea of talking with her. I have had syncope episodes (fainting) when mentioning traumatic experiences and so I was concerned that this would happen during my apology. Carrie coached me a few times followed by Reiki sessions to help identify the fears and physically loosen them. Her well thought out questions and her healing gift of Reiki prepared me to overcome my fear and literally dispelled it. I was able to peacefully and confidently face a situation I never imagined I could do. I am so grateful for Carrie's gifts."
"I was reluctant to ask for coaching help because I wasn’t sure I wanted to open up to complain about where I thought my life was going. On NPR, I distinctly remember an actor refer to a role he played of a guy who was just letting the clock run out on his life. I related to that just a little too much for my own comfort. My life in “retirement” involves service in a local food bank and low-income housing commitments, singing and playing music, serving on a few boards, but I felt so blah about everything. Everyone is beyond tired of the pandemic and its impact on the way we live our lives. That said, I chose to ask Carrie Chown to help me and I’m so glad I did. The most important gains came from looking closely at my values, my sense of urgency to “do” which sometimes gets me committed to action, but not action that comes with the dividends I have now identified as most important. Truthfully, I so appreciate the tools, exercises, writing assignments and the sounding board Carrie gave me. I looked carefully at my life and discovered I am actually pretty happy and satisfied with my life. A few tweaks and a closer examination of the way and the places I commit to in service efforts has helped me immensely. Acceptance of some relationships, which I wish were better, has occurred. Carrie has an ability to frame and echo back to me some truths that are now more palatable. A close look at my fears, along with aspirations at this point in my life lifted me up in ways I had not expected. If I could figure it all out myself, I would, but I know there is so much growth in asking for help. I am grateful I finally did it. Carrie is the right balance of coaching for therapeutic and goal prompting help."
"Wow, my experience riding and being coached by Carrie was extraordinary! The ride challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally more than I had been in a long time. This helped me uncover incredibly powerful insights that immediately created huge shifts and clarity in my mind, heart and spirit. In just a few hours riding with Carrie, I learned how to break past big fears and self-doubts in real time, and proved that I can push through so many of my own perceived limits. Already it has had a profound impact on my life and business. Carrie is an incredible coach, whose unique approach to coaching is unlike anything I have experienced, and if you are eager to experience and learn what you are truly capable of, you'll discover it when you ride with Carrie!"
"I have known Carrie Chown for over a decade, and always found her to be a responsive and empathetic person. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to sign up for coaching sessions with Carrie. She exceeded all expectations. Her willingness to broach difficult, emotional topics, her ability to draw out feelings and memories, and the way she subtly directed our sessions yielded deep consideration and conscious illumination of numerous mental/emotional blocks I had suppressed. Wow! After our sessions I experienced a calm and thoughtful mindset, and perceived new ways to respond and react to old triggers. Also, there was a sense of manageability for emotions and direction for actions. I am so grateful to have been able to utilize Carrie's skills and to participate in sessions with her!"
"This was my first time working with a Life Coach and I was a little hesitant because I really didn’t know what to expect. But Carrie was very pleasant, patient, and explained how the sessions would go and made me feel so comfortable. With the few sessions we had she helped me to explore my thoughts further than I had before. She would create a path and allow me to walk down identifying whatever it was I was seeing. It was very therapeutic to talk things out and with her guidance I was able to gain amazing tools and become more self aware. I truly enjoyed the experience and plan on utilizing her as a Life Coach in the future."
"Carrie is an incredible coach! She is a great listener and helped me prioritize my goals and create a plan to reach them. She is non-judgemental and very easy to talk to. Would highly recommend her as a coach."
"What Carrie has is a combination of spirit, intellect and intuition that is nothing short of magical."
"I was in need of a speaker and had the privilege of being introduced to Carrie Chown through the recommendation of a mutual friend. My event was centered around changes in healthcare and the patient experience. To say that Carrie did a fabulous job is an understatement. Participants provided feedback that Carrie's speech was the highlight of the event. She made a difference in the success of our event and the perspective of our clinicians. I am so grateful to have had the honor of working with Carrie Chown."
"Sometimes you meet someone you know you'll never forget. It was such an inspiration and just so much fun to meet Carrie. My photographer and I had had a long, difficult week, but after hanging out with Carrie for a few minutes we began to remember that 'tough' is a relative concept...and that overcoming is all in one's mind and character...she is a treasure."
"Sometimes the best way to get unstuck is to dive in fully, and engage all of your senses. This coaching experience was outside the box and outside of my comfort zone - a perfect recipe for growth. I recommend Carrie and her mountain bike coaching to anyone who wants to break past surface level logic and language and get in touch with some core emotions and subconscious patterns. I gained a lot from the program (and had a lot of fun, too)."