Hi, I'm Carrie.

I’m a human being on a journey and I’m passionate about helping others along the way. I believe each and every person has unique gifts and talents they bring to the world and that we are happiest when we put those skills to use in our lives. I also believe we adopt stories, limiting beliefs and habits of thought along the way that block us from expressing our full potential. We can allow those blocks to stand in our way or figure out how to get past them.

Life is messy; it’s beautiful and it’s hard. To enjoy the ups, you must endure the downs. My own ups and downs have prepared me to guide others through challenges, including recovery from addiction and chronic illness, facing mortality, infertility, and the quest for purpose. I’ve learned there are many ways for things to “work out.” Healing can occur without physical recovery and a shift in perspective can transform a disaster into a gift.

I serve others as a coach and Reiki practitioner because I believe in the life-changing power of these practices. I first hired a coach because I was miserable. Despite many inspiring life experiences, I was stuck in a job that drained me, which was negatively impacting my entire existence. I wanted to make a change, but didn’t know how. My coach helped me get real about what was holding me back and find the courage to take a leap of faith into the unknown. My investment in coaching changed me, my work and my life, and keeps me striving for more every day.

Reiki has been equally powerful in my life as a healing tool after a double lung transplant in 2003. I’ve tried many forms of body work since my surgery and Reiki is the most gentle, nurturing and healing energy I’ve experienced. It has helped me release the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma I was carrying, resulting in a deeper level of health and balance in my life. I am honored and excited to offer these tools in support of others who are ready to change their lives too.