Outside In(17)

Outside In: Life Coaching from the Trail is a one-of-a-kind life coaching experience for women of all ages and fitness levels. Using the sport of mountain biking in a fun, safe, and supportive way, it will help you:

  • Clarify your life, health, and wellness goals
  • Reconnect to and appreciate your body
  • Identify and overcome limiting habits and beliefs
  • Communicate your needs clearly and effectively
  • Build confidence, capability, and community
  • Get outside and have some fun!

Program Details:

  • Eight hours of one-on-one life coaching
    •  2-hour remote discovery session
    • 4-hour in-person mountain biking experience
    • 2-hour remote integration session
  • All equipment provided (full suspension mountain bike, helmet, pads, gloves)
  •  Mountain bike rides are in the Sacramento, California area and are chosen based on each client’s experience level

“Sometimes the best way to get unstuck is to dive in fully, and engage all of your senses. This coaching experience was outside the box and outside of my comfort zone – a perfect recipe for growth. I recommend Carrie and her mountain bike coaching to anyone who wants to break past surface level logic and language and get in touch with some core emotions and subconscious patterns. I gained a lot from the program (and had a lot of fun, too).”

— Amy (client)


Q: Aren’t I too old for mountain biking? I would have tried it in my 20s, but not my 40s/50s/60s…

A: I started mountain biking in my 40s and I ride with people in their 70s! The key is being honest about your experience and fitness level so I can pick a ride that works for you and your body, regardless of your age.

Q: What if I’ve never ridden a mountain bike before?

A: No problem. As long as you know how to ride a bike, even if it’s been years since you did it, you have the skills for this experience. Part of our coaching happens around how you process new information, so you’ll get a lot out of learning about the mountain bike itself.

Q: My husband / boyfriend / brother / partner / fill in the blank took me mountain biking once. It was terrifying and/or I took a bad fall. Isn’t it dangerous?

A: While doing anything on a bike can result in a fall or injury, I have designed this program to keep you as safe as possible. We’ll start where you are; if that means riding around a neighborhood and maybe trying bits of a gravel or dirt road, that’s great! The goal is to get you outside, moving, connected to your body, and see what comes up. 

Q: What if I’m interested in the idea of an outdoor coaching experience but absolutely can’t or won’t ride a mountain bike?

A: The program works best with mountain biking as the catalyst for an intensive coaching experience, but if you can’t or won’t ride a bike, it can be customized around other outdoor activities. Contact me and let’s see what we can create for you! 

Wow, my experience riding and being coached by Carrie was extraordinary! The ride challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally more than I had been in a long time. This helped me uncover incredibly powerful insights that immediately created huge shifts and clarity in my mind, heart and spirit.

In just a few hours riding with Carrie, I learned how to break past big fears and self-doubts in real time, and proved that I can push through so many of my own perceived limits. Already it has had a profound impact on my life and business. Carrie is an incredible coach, whose unique approach to coaching is unlike anything I have experienced, and if you are eager to experience and learn what you are truly capable of, you’ll discover it when you ride with Carrie!
— M.M. (client)

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